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Shadow and Light

I consider us lucky when the edge of light is visible again. Some of our experiences are exhaustive in terms of 'time spent' in the shadow realms of our old earth personalities. Old-earth Iris thought she understood the struggle. At this time, I honestly don't know what is actually occurring. Trusted heart language says I Am contained by Emergence and Awakening while the rest of whatever-this-is reveals itself. So here I include the void states that as we know can be very prolonged. To have a living sacred language that accompanies us to and into the void is a lit flame. We may feel as if we are in a vigil. Is Emergence the point? I suggest to us, yes. Yet even as we are so often plunged into very deep personal (read lonely) experiences, we are also given community that mirrors the light.

On Wednesdays we gather to remember the lost realms of the awakening heart. Please contact me if these words reach deep into memory.

so much love.

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30 ธ.ค. 2565

Huge hugs to you dear Iris. xo

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