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About Iris

I am schooled by my Higher Self, which has orchestrated the timeline to my awakening as a spiritual  intuitive as well as the arrival of inner-planes teachers which have brought me to this point in existence. My life, with numerous ups and downs, has created first and foremost a compassionate heart and a deep understanding of the rightness of each life as it is currently lived, in divine perfection, in each moment. At the end of a particularly long soul tempering process, two deceased teachers known to my friends arrived as mentors. Their task, which continues to this day, is to teach me discernment in the art of listening to those who find their way to what is needed in evolutionary development.


I am instructed first and foremost to respect free will on Earth. This is accomplished by a directed interview meant to give permission to the Soul to explore where needed. I am also instructed that everything needed can be found in the present moment, thus not to orient sessions toward future events.

I would describe myself as one who has courted connection with all sentient life. The courtship continues to this day, offering a path into the heart of humankind and nature. When I am truly connected, there is an interchange of life force, which allows me to peer into and ""read" what is discovered. My gifts are inner-dimensional sight, sound, feeling and knowing. Personal experience, which has evolved into skilled service, includes human consciousness exploration, inner child healing, soul fragment recovery, chant, hooponopono, extensive interface with and awareness of the Field of Synchronicity and a highly refined intuition.  This living library called "Iris" facilitates my client's communion with his/her Higher Self and inner-planes 'team'. I specialize in spiritual emergence via one-on-one and group process.


My educational degrees are in social work, both at the Bachelor's and Master's levels.

My soul's insistent prompting is toward the mirroring of Divine Love. My prayer is that this open door to love invites the return of the lost parts of ourselves to Divine Oneness. To that end, I am dedicated to the offerings of spiritual readings, Beyond Quantum Healing sessions and mentoring sessions for those who are experiencing spiritual emergence. 


I live on the Eastern Seaboard with my feline companion, Selene.

If you are inner-guided to explore your emergence process with me, below is the link to my services.

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Texting or email are the best ways to reach me initially; I typically respond by the end of the same day.


If you are inner-guided to explore your emergence process with me, below is the link to my services.

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