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The Now of Return

What is the language that expresses the alchemy of our metamorphosis? I speak and write in an effort to attend to the most incredible rebirth of sacred life that enters the horizon, now. The language most deeply kindred with this rebirth appears to be that of the very ancient feminine. Thus I open to words in order to anchor what my heart knows is true. The way is not yet consciously seen; the map is an interior one. Yet I find myself repeating these words: remembering, returning, restoring, emerging. I find myself in a temple beyond space/time, connected to a reality that is also within. We have done this before. The feeling is one of ecstasy as we approach the event horizon. I feel this approach as a state of being.

Rational thought doesn't approve. Even though I give it a grand job of retrieving language, it still insists on understanding the territory. I'm not sure that is possible. Still the mind is willing to search for words as though it is retrieving ancient casks of wine that are timed to be discovered, now. This blog is an effort to build a place for the lost matrices so that they begin to live again as us.....on another arm of the cosmic spiral.

So much love.

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