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Restoring the One Inside

My early thoughts on inner sacred marriage have led to a life path. The paragraphs below were first written over three years ago. Today I am giving it a place, allowing it to matter. It is challenging enough to live without our soul intact, but to live without our inner partner appears to guarantee a search 'out there' without an awareness 'in here' to bring that search to fruition.

I am seeing men coming forward now to give voice to an archetypal power, that of Protector.  I celebrate the way this feels, although it is still too early to bring words to what this means from the higher mind.  Yet I feel relief; organically it feels right. Those doing so much inner work at some point appear to surrender more, which sets in motion a huge purification process. What rises from this purification: men who innately understand the need to protect life. Because we are continuing to emerge, we are still making our way through the dark. The men who come for a BQH or intuitive session are wading into new waters, seeking visceral validation that what they are gravitating toward is sacred, a mirror for New Earth masculine. There is an alchemical process occurring. For myself, the proof is in these amazing men, the forerunners.  It won't be long before we see the emergence of their inner feminine. 

I write about this today because of an inner conversation this morning between my human and the sacred feminine.  Like so many of us, I am seeking direction that will assist impeccable service.  The guidance went something like this:  Your work on the inner male is releasing him to find a right path to both care and act. I asked, what would that sacred inner marriage look like? I can barely wrap my psyche around an inner male that has made it beyond the conditioning of my own father and his father, his warring culture, and his extreme longing for a country he  had to leave behind. Because I am in the middle of purifying that, the dawning is early stage. I discover that my inner male wishes to take action on behalf of the rising of the world Mother, the return of the sacred feminine.  There is similar anticipation for so many of us to birth direction. Spiritual emergence is a creative journey fueled by Source. And Source is emerging at the next octave on earth. Now, now, now.


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