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Loneliness as Alchemy

How much space does that word occupy in your psyche? Even those highly engaged with life, people and activities can feel its approach. It's a whole body/mind complex experience. When we add the spiritual dimensions, it can be experienced as downright accosting. I am referring to how we can feel invaded and overwhelmed by even the suggestion that we are that dreaded 'there'.

Yet loneliness can act as a catapult because it is a driver of desire. It can activate risk taking, creative leaps, vulnerable states of expression and emotional release. In this, loneliness is a messaging system from a part of our human in need.....not necessarily the easiest of telegrams, yet one of the most potent in its potential to create new probable futures.

Today I am led to write about another kind of loneliness, one experienced during intense times of spiritual dismantling. It is kin to the dark night of the soul. It might feel so uncomfortable that we would do anything to avoid its power. If this is the kind of lonely that isn't directed by our human selves, it is unlikely that avoidance is going to rescue us, because rescue does not seem to be the point. Alchemy may be the point. Alchemy is both the cauldron of experience and the result. It doesn't seem to be based on any recognizable time construct. It feels (to me) like vice grips on the temples. We enter our inner temples and appear to first mightily resist, then submit, and ultimately release into an inner alchemical experience. I believe that our spirits would do anything possible to be in union with their humans, if awakening is the point in this life.

Loneliness is both a call and response, similar to longing. The loneliness suggestive of a dark night experience reveals that the Indweller is calling. If we have experienced these nights before, there may indeed be the rising of dread as a response. Our world seemingly under our control, is now supplanted by a soul directive designed to release allegiances to false attachments. It is a stripping away so that our souls can finally return to us, so that our souls can now embody in a new landscape! We are an emergent species, remembering how to restore true connection with each other and with Gaia.

I will most likely write more about this. Conscious language activates memory.

So much love.

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