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Light, Incoming

This sharing is an early attempt to pair language with an ongoing experience, currently heightened. In part I write to bring myself down from the stress of unanticipated physical challenges..........with light. Thoughts: it feels like what solar wind roaring through the body might feel like, or galactic rays moving through with less of a filter. It feels like what a feared transit of pluto on mars feels like when it is the least expected thing. The mind goes crazy at the edge. It lends credibility to the phrase 'spiritual emergency'. We hear about all kinds of experiences on the path of awakening, ascension, emergence. Many of us have counted years of dismantling experience with the mental and emotional bodies, now pondering: what will happen with the physical body as it divinizes? We tread paths uniquely and carefully soul-tailored but often in near blindness. I'm sensing that if we knew what was required here, we wouldn't believe it anyway. Now that the light appears to be deepening its descent into the body, and it feels too late to get off the bus or shake my fist, I Am working to see this as a state of returning glory for the body. Our cells have long been separated from their birthright as conscious light, playing in human form, reveling in the field of paradise. This time, our bodies call to remember and restore.

so much love.

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