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In a recent gathering dedicated to Emergence, I talked about the inclusion of the Feminine: words such as allowing, returning, receiving, belonging, mattering and loving. Of course, loving. Today, I wonder, is Emergence the restoration of the sacred Feminine? Does the return of the Divine She in a spiritual field preparing for her return, create the new earth human for which so many of us long? I do know that Emergence isn't a doing. If it were, we would all have gold stars on our foreheads and make triumphal marches down the Main Streets of our towns. We have done so much, seeking peace, seeking joy and for some, seeking liberation. We are a species trained as doers, left brains so tired, so tired. It is said that the Feminine consciousness rises now for the first time since the fall of Atlantis. There is both relief and jubilation here, for we have missed not only the Feminine but the sacred marriage of the male and female, the synthesis of left and right brain and the exploration of being merged with doing. I Am trusting that to emerge equates with an ecstatic recognition of the divine inherent in all life. Spirit peering from our eyes...a newborn species intent upon living with respect for all life.

So much love.

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