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Shorelines of Consciousness

We understand that the ocean represents the unconscious and the beach represents what is conscious. Where they join suggests that the conscious and the unconscious are side by side. These symbols especially offer us entry into what is beyond the known by bridging or linking two realms of experience. Ever wonder why so many of us are drawn to this borderland and why we walk the shore again and again?

Symbols are living and can be interacted with as living embodiments of thresholds. I realize I am stating the obvious. The reason I write today is to remind myself that threshold states and places give access to what we need now, now, now. Now. To have access to the unconscious permits us to dream, or experience ideas, next steps, healings revealed. To have access to the unconscious gives probability to change for ourselves and our civilization and beloved Gaia.

What are your threshold places and states? They may be the most powerful change agents available. We may enter the revelatorium with questions, or to dialogue with the unseen. Did that word stop you? Did your left brain say, what is a revelatorium? Enter the living frequency of it, and know.

So much love.

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