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Florence Finds Her Groove

I apologize for the grainy quality of this picture. I am photographing Florence through a screen with the light doing whatever it does in its own wisdom. I don't have a clue if that is the ray of an elemental crossing over her chest or if the sun was just so.

Florence fascinates my neighbor Cassie and me. My cat Selene, as you might imagine, finds her seriously irritating.

I began noticing that her visits coincided with client work. As an intuitive, I work with people who are doing their emergence work in a milieu so complex that having a psycho-spiritual witness is stabilizing, and often accelerating. Florence seems to be attracted to the energy of deep process work, those moments when the acceleration can be felt. She jumps up on the porch railing as called to do so and........sits.........stares............and companions. A joyful Iris puts the computer up to the window so that a mutual greeting can take place. I find moments like this so nourishing and illuminating that my frequency rises to match what is occurring. Living in spherical consciousness is a blast.

so much love.

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