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Tight Places

As multi-dimensional consciousness returns to life, finding our way requires its own awakening. On the way, we find a challenge unique to this time and place. The way we once made sense of reality appears to be ending. It no longer affirms the way through. The alchemical language to understand paradise states of creation needs humans who are fluid enough to both dream and remember. How are we to seek and know this way through? For so long the rational mind has been given collective license to show us the way. Reliance on the mind has given over so much power that it now creates reality from and as center stage. I have found that this kind of creation births unbalanced life, that we have forgotten access to what I call the language of the heart. This is the tight space I refer to here. It feels tight because we can't remember, or we attempt to remember through rational thought.

Current awareness suggests that language of the heart is experienced as an inherent sense of belonging. It feels right in a way that blows open the sockets of what we once deemed true and permits a recalibration of the brain from the higher states of bliss. We remember bliss. Sometimes when I write I wonder if it could really be that simple. To access Reality via bliss states that come about through presencing and listening permits the masculine self to restore its true connection with the animus through a resting phase. If the doing faculty is permitted rest, the being faculty listens and radiates presence and then can connect with the heart of our beloved earth. Indigenous cultures remember all this, holding space for us to remember as well. We are in a massive dreaming re-creation of life, now. Access to this living language is found in genetic memory. Just notice the next time you belong, and matter, and have a place.

So much love.

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