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The Winter of Awakening

There comes a pivotal time in the life of one who longs to remember. Somewhere within it is known to be defining, but language isn't capable of accompanying this remembering, this turning./tumbling/surrendering return. Accordingly, alchemical language forms to assist. As I experience this pivot, I speak from current experience. Can my offerings here generalize into the population of those who hold fast to awakening and drum this rhythm because we must? Turning points are our own, but I suspect the egoic responses to the winter seasons of awakening can be a collective treasure to share, and we might find comfort in this sharing. For myself, comfort is paramount to navigating this time. It might be one of the more difficult needs to express. The emotions can be chaotic as part of the massive release underway and often there is shame embedded. The inner critic makes it clear that being this vulnerable, comfort may not be offered, or worse still, deserved. This time of winter seems to have pulled a plug and I can only do my best to be.........and begin to see through the protective but deceptive commentary of the mental body.

For months I have felt blocked in writing. That "I" has been running defensive maneuvers to protect the self from too much exposure. Yet nothing else has arisen to be spoken. Thus today is most likely the beginning of a series of posts on the very wild ride of a very immersed, awakening human. May these words offer comfort. It is an incredibly courageous thing to stop running, and face the spiritual hunter.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Dec 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lovely piece of language that I can totally identify with this winter. All of it.

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