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I want to share a recent squirrel visitation (not the one above). I walked through my living room and discovered it waiting on a porch railing. Expectant. When I paused it moved right in front of the window and made perfect eye contact, as squirrels are apt to do. That is when I noticed it had one white eye and one naturally colored. Acknowledging that I saw the contrast, the squirrel began its messaging process. Turning its head, I was given a view of the naturally colored eye. Turning its head the other way, I gazed at the white eye. Many many times this occurred. I entered an altered state, understanding this: There is an 'I' that trains its consciousness outwards. There is another 'I' that looks within. The looks-within 'I' returns with vast reservoirs of wisdom teachings. This wisdom, when permitted to surface, engages our surface human experience with alchemical process. The squirrel teaches me that those of us who long for emergent awakened life may trust the 'I' which looks within and brings back the alchemical gold of harmony. I can't wait.

As I prepare to send this to those meant to read these words, I need to acknowledge to myself that this language remains tethered to duality. Yet language can also give voice to transitioning states of consciousness, thus impacting language itself. This is an effort to do so, today.

So much love.

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17 jun 2023

Thank you so much for sharing this Iris....deeply touched as always xo

Me gusta
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