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Signatures of Home

In every generation, every era, and every cycle, people have longed to remember the fertility of the interior life. To actually remember as a state of being has been the realm of mystics and those who spontaneously awaken to its existence. Formerly we heard an inner calling, received a dream of direction, and placed ourselves in a container that enabled the best opportunities to open to the realm of the sacred feminine. These containers, retreats and ashrams and mountain cabins, made it possible for the sacred feminine to endure. We just knew She had to be sustained and maintained within our reality via protected and dedicated spaces. The balance of our earth and her people depended on this transmission of life force from the very heart of all that has been consistently erased. Except it has not been erased. The call of the divine human can not be erased.

My heart tells me that we are experiencing an intuitive interior life renaissance. It spreads and awakens through any means that we might be reached: small gatherings of people who feel something ancient in each others company, spontaneous awakenings in moments of prayer and connections with the natural world, and those extraordinary but subtle moments when we can hear the universal voice of the sacred within. We ourselves are access to this power. Our own memories of being bio-spiritual founders of earth, of living in community, of containing the ecstatic memories of paradise states are now in a state of return. We ourselves are in a state of return. This does not have to be another thing to do. We are completely innocent of this old version of reality that informed us our worth was dependent on doing, achieving and planning.

The divine she allows, receives and transmits as a state of revelation. Celebrating the return and embodiment of this knowing........

So much love.

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