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Messenger in Time

Of necessity I have contemplated waiting as a vigil.......while waiting. I recently began writing about this time interval in this blog. Another raptor visitation then began to emerge from the Field. I have previously written about the twenty-two day hawk appearance, just last summer. This new messenger, the osprey, also seems to be arriving with an extended teaching and needed medicine. After watching two ospreys flying low across, then circling around my home a few days back, yesterday I watched in shock as one flew out of the nearest tree. My previous experiences have only permitted limited sightings of ospreys nesting atop human-built platforms.

I slowed down to enter into and experience this gift from Source. I see: patience, fearlessness, precision, perseverance, endurance. I see waiting with alert presence, merging with its environment for a hunger-driven reward of its meal. And when the meal arrives, its own skill and calculation are activated. For the osprey, it appears as if the waiting is perfectly instinctual. I see why the osprey has arrived with its medicine. Human waiting seems to rarely be an instinctual process. We must be reminded to wait in trust and with gratitude that our heart's desire is 'already done'. Does that one step make it possible for us to align with an instinctual state shown to us by the osprey? If my soul is as hungry for its desire as the osprey is for its meal, then yes. Waiting CAN be something wild and true. I think of the hunter/gatherer societies of the past, but these societies also exist right now and can model the sacred art of waiting in humans.

I am now gently transitioning into a more alert and patient wait so that the Field may show me the signs, signs that I will not miss. Being present in waiting, like the osprey, seems to ensure that I will be available for intelligent action when the soul's desire arrives. I welcome this visitor as a living messenger of inter-species teachings on time.

so much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Apr 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I couldn't love this more. Thank you, Iris.

Iris Krstanovich
Iris Krstanovich
Apr 23, 2023
Replying to

I couldn't love you more, either.

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