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Companion Animals on the New Earth (meet Belle)

Belle, a donkey, very recently joined lives with my friend Wind. Belle was adopted through a donkey rescue farm in Arizona. Within days of her arrival, Wind rode Belle into town to run errands. I found this meaningful for so many reasons that I needed to share. The tenderness of this picture made me cry. I wonder if it moves you too? How is it that a donkey, so newly arrived, just walks Wind into town and immediately begins connecting with its inhabitants? What wisdom and comfort level is this, both human and equine? I want whatever that is. In a few weeks I will communicate with Belle and share what comes.

Access to innate wisdom drives me to try to stay open. I find staying open a real challenge. That is why the universe knows to put these beings on my path, because love for sentient life is necessary now. And the universe knows I will always open to the Belle's, Selene's and Florence's of this world. May that openness translate to the release of all fear, for the highest benefit of all.

so much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen

Iris, this is all so exciting. I love being 'driven to stay open' in order to access innate wisdom.

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