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She began visiting about a month ago. Of late she has been arriving every day, gazing into my office window. Her focus through that window is unnerving. Imagine that face peering through YOUR window for a few hours at a time. It reminds me of the 22 day hawks visitation from last summer. Like the hawks, there is no self-doubt that she is a messenger.

I approached my neighbor, Cassie, who lives with a cat well-known in the neighborhood. Cassie used her resources to determine if this visiting cat has a home. She appears so well fed and unafraid. Three people responded to her post to say she is Florence, microchipped and living locally with a family!

Because I perceive life through symbols and archetypes, I admit to going a bit crazy attempting to 'understand the meaning' of Florence's stare. Like the hawks saga, this communication is beyond anything the left brain can contribute. So I do my best to simply open to the numinous. Thank you, Florence, for helping my heart remain open to not knowing, thus teaching me to walk my talk.

Stay tuned, I can feel a few more posts coming on.

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30 dic 2022

I love that Florence has begun visiting you. I can't wait to chat with you about it in the future! xo

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