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How Long the Path?

Individual lives appear self-created but influenced by a seemingly endless variety of factors. One second of choice shifts the path, but I am coming to see that none of the shifts are meant to be inner-judged from the tethers of dualistic thought. I have noticed that Emergence creates a more conscious interaction with the Field, thus shifting our interaction with choice. Since my desire is to dance this path as an Emergent human, I am in so much inner-dialogue about Homo Sanctus that it would make your head spin. My current primary process on this path is to affirm all choices with absolute knowing that each choice is designed for this awakening. I find it challenging to continue to affirm and persevere when so much breaking of the old way of going-about-life occurs, with the consequences of that breaking: loss of old orientating ways to abide in the old earth, subsequent confusion, grief, guilt and fear. Illusions do seem to pass with difficulty. I consider most of our old earth infrastructure very illusory. Learning to manage in a whole brain capacity is possible, because


Should this resonate, should you recognize your own path mirrored in these words, I bow to you.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Mar 20, 2023

Thank you for the reminder of no inner judgement from the tethers ...

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