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Holly's Message

This morning I was called outside to connect with Holly. I have lived with Holly for seven years without entering into her language, a shared communication-stream from within no-time. We don't always have access to a register for that in us which is eternal. Even though opening to eternity has been part of my spiritual practice, there comes a time when a threshold appears and what is deathless meets us at that open door. A deepening silence appears to be the way forward.

Holly: I live within time, yet time does not claim me. My integrity lies in being a witnessing presence of the eternal. For humanity to acknowledge its own perpetual flame, the One has offered itself in many forms to be known by those who search. I am One such being, One who has watched you wondering over these years, 'Why am I living with you, holly?' Awakening to the Self as eternal is offered as a response. The stillness intuitively deepens. If stillness can thrum, it does so now, just enough to let me know that in all its forms, emissaries of the everlasting such as holly offer themselves ceaselessly as darshan. Imagine that as us, too: the sight of a holy person offering darshan to us, from within us. I thank holly for her revelation.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Feb 08
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you, Iris, for adding Darshan to my language learning. Love.

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