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Hawks, Chapter Two

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

I Am compelled by these visitations to understand their message. There are squirrels and rabbits everywhere. They all freeze in place when the two visit, always together. I need to slow down time to listen. Human Iris has a hard time with the hawk's hunting while they are waiting for me to figure out what they are communicating, so in my reality there is an urgency to receive the guidance. Obviously this reactivity is a personal thing; the hawks are in perfect integrity.

A few days back I looked out the front door to see hawk again on the porch railing, staring me down, completely focused and unafraid. The second hawk was holding space for the communication, on the grass. Even though human Iris reacted to protect the squirrels frozen on a nearby tree, my spirit took off to soar with my totem. The luminosity of that remains. I make an effort now to enter this luminosity and I ask Hawk, please reveal your message. I hear: To access love as an elevating, healing Presence, the old warring, strategic nature of the masculine needs to withdraw its claim on your life. To permit the sacred feminine to step forward to harmonize the spheres, Divine She must be able to breathe and offer that breath to circulate life. The wounded old earth masculine must let go, in you, to allow this alchemy a place. An embodied sacred feminine loves, blesses and allows the Field to rise and fall, ebb and flow, harmonizing all of life as was and is in the Eden paradise realms.

I want us all to feel better. I will take this guidance into contemplation as an offering to the path of love. May we know the living refuge of Ruah.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Jul 31, 2022

I learned what Ruah means thanks to your writing. I love the love in this piece.

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