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To Meet the Frozen Interior

What's it like in there? How much Source life is held captive by our efforts simply to live without being shown how to be alive? We do the obvious to continue being clothed as human, while simultaneously the terrain thickens with ice. Our subconscious flashes its 'do not enter' because that-is-where-the-pain-lives-.and-growls. When crisis arrives, or the work we engage in to awaken bumps against our frozen interior it can become very intense. I write today to give voice to this place and how its eruption can crack us open like ice trying to release itself in spring thaw. This is a good thing. It is then that we might choose to listen, be Present.......or trust someone just enough to permit them to witness as that realm reveals itself. Finally, finally.

I so realize that we don't want to touch the ice or slip on it or even be reminded it is there. Yet the protection it offers from a world not yet prepared to love unabashedly also keeps us from being that unabashed love ourselves. So this is what I currently explore: as the Soul messages us that it is time to embody, there are frozen lands that require a thaw for the embrace of the Beloved. To prepare home for our soul is to warm us through to receive its radiance, and to be in recognition of its love. And we remember how to live by the heart of creation itself. Our heart.

I observe the ice groaning under its weight. May we listen deeply to ourselves and other-selves so that homecoming releases our collective loneliness. May we presence glory.

so much love.

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