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Hawk Totem Further Enlightens Iris

My beloved father was a WWII veteran, a Yugoslavian. His skills in the mountains during the war were legend to our family, and to his fellow soldiers. His identity understandably became heavily invested as a warrior soldier. There was much anger in there, too. That anger presented in his efforts to father his two children and be a husband to my mother. He seemed to look upon people in general from a war stance. I was raised in that environment. It took me decades to even begin to understand what happens to the inner male of a girl child when she is raised by a father that only knows war.

When Hawk began appearing, the message on the inner male was clearly stated. What I did not and could not grasp until weeks of Hawk's appearance: the inner child can only mirror what she is shown. The predator aspect of war had become an identity in the child, and on into adulthood. There is a threshold awareness approaching within. Please stay tuned.

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