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Dreaming the Light

I am in awe that the turtle is participating in this post. It was the dreamlike nature of the light that called to me; the turtle was only visible after downloading this picture. I receive this as turtle medicine. Perhaps a message will arrive by the time this post is offered to those led to receive it.

Human Iris knows that slowing down is key to conscious entry to the Field, All That Is. Dreaming energy is so different than waking focus as it has been 'taught' to us as a conditioned state. It seems as if dreaming the light might first need to be cultivated as the sacred reality that it is. Yet at some point, dreamer Iris KNOWS that integration of formerly denied states makes it possible to awaken to pure being. Would dreaming then be merged with an ecstatic memory bank of living here deeply engaged and sovereign? If this post is pinging at the edge of memory, that is its point.

And Turtle transmits: I Am in this world as a record keeper. Access to the records of Gaia's memory is the gift of slowing down time. Gaia's memory is the closest thing to home for those who have traveled so far and have begun to awaken to the truth that will set life, free.

In honoring Gaia's vast witnessing and recording of life through Her life forms, we honor ourSelves. Thus beloved Turtle made sure to appear today as guide to the dreamer, the One who witnesses, the One who remembers.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
31 juil. 2023
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Slow and steady wins the race. Even though there's no race in sight.

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