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Corridor walking

Corridors take us from one place to another. Today I want to muse about corridors as passageways from one state of consciousness to another. Because I write and offer services based on spiritual emergence, the corridor I speak of today appears to be very long, seemingly unending. There is no obvious line of demarcation where we are 'there'. To further complicate things, the rational mind in its insistence on a map with landmarks and in its efforts to 'help', narrates a process of which it knows nothing. Nothing at all. The subsequent states we find ourselves in can create landmines of distress, both mental and emotional. I truly believe that we are watched very carefully and with great admiration and respect across the cosmos as we continue along a corridor that lights the way from within: each step, each letting go, each psycho-spiritual death of conditioned reality creates that shift from form to frequency. And thus we remember that we are Eternal.

Notice the picture I chose for today's post. It is very feminine and light-filled, qualities we have been missing and now recover as we walk this corridor, reconciling duality with the very advanced and aware memory-states of our spiritual lineages. Right now we may not be able to see. But the freedom promised as we remember from within is there, building.

So much love.

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Dec 30, 2022

So beautiful...divinely so...

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