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To the Bone

Long ago I read that vultures can symbolize returning life to its essence. It makes sense, knowing that this amazing creature consumes the flesh of the dead, leaving behind.........bones. I find this process a metaphor for the awakening process. Those of us incarnated to embody the next stage of frequency appear to be living in a massive and ongoing exposure to light, the experience of which gives us tastes of the new field awaiting. The resulting contrast shows us what can at times be a rough process. There appears to be a line of demarcation, a point of no return, where our most primal essence catalyzes the death and rebirth process. To me it feels like being hunted by God, and takes so many forms: dark night of the soul, psycho-spiritual crises, physical challenges intended to release lower-density memory, and moments of true peace. It is intoxicating to not only remember but to also live Home while in our bodies. Imagine this New Earth where our barely remembered soul memories can begin to live us, because our essences are so much more free to exalt life. In my own experience, this is a very big deal.

Next Sunday October 9th I am beginning a free four-part gathering by Zoom to support this return to essence. I call it spiritual emergence. I want for us to feel supported, to suffer less, and to restore the lost matrices of the golden era which approaches. If this is the first you have heard of this gathering and find a resonance, I can send you an email with more information. Contact me here:

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