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There Comes a Time

I write today to create space for integration. I write for those of us on a path home, while in the body.....the most incredible journey that suggests awakening is probable. Some of us are here for that. Whatever we hold true, there are things that can be said that may connect with kindreds. What I am attempting to integrate is worth offering because language is returning to life. Language is returning to a shared field of communion.

Does anyone remember the phrase 'having become 51 percent harmless'? If after enormous human effort to become harmless we actually begin to emit that and not fear, what happens then to our doing, our striving to perfect? In my own world there seems to be a point of no return. The process leaves my control, not that it ever was under my control. Like nearly everyone, human Iris insists on holding on, holding on. Yet knowing that the Indweller would emerge required the conscious process of releasing as much as possible to make house.

What I notice now is that this releasing is clearly under the auspices of the Inner. This can make the mind respond as if under attack. It always feels that way to me. We all know that minds will do anything to help us restore control. Releasing is a dance without choreography, and the mind sends out alerts in all directions. Mental, emotional and physical release states can come upon us at any time. These release states appear to be increasing in intensity. I can imagine that efforts to release control make it possible for the Inner to orchestrate these states, perfectly. This is where holding ourselves and others harmless helps so much. So I write to remember this sea change, paradigm shift, epochal transition. Our efforts have brought us here, where the Soul embodies and delights in its union with us, in the latter days of old earth.

This feels like the time to hold on to the hem of Source.

so much love.

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Donna McMurtry
Donna McMurtry
Jul 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Grateful for your writing. Your contemplations, understanding and expansions open up new pathways for us all. Offer new patterns of being and reminders of what we're each here for. Thank you Soul Friend.


Jul 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So timely...

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