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Themes of Becoming

I am inner-instructed to write about the alchemy of lost soul parts, more specifically entire identities that may more authentically express as the soul. In my own world there is a merging occurring. The Iris known to me in this current reality begins to merge with my deep Self to more compassionately serve the needs of this time. I speak to this as a stellar process, yet my heart tells me it is also in perfect alignment with my soul's inner earth memory. Oneness deserves living language to honor it and I struggle to go beyond the dualistic thought process of stellar/inner earth. If you think there is a lot going on, I would agree with that.

As we truly awaken into the freedom states of divine humanity (the next era), the body/mind complex will be experienced differently. I am in the early stages of a dismantling in order to embody as an ensouled presence. I call this process, Emergence. Varying experiences of this are occurring everywhere. So it must be time to write. If you are pinging at the heart or high heart now, perhaps your unique soulscape is feeling a resonance.

So two things. This will most likely be the larger purpose of this blog for the near future...with stories of our beloved animal companions and wingeds included. Secondly, should you need very specific support tailored to your own emergence process, I include the link to my website.

So much love.

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