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On Jupiter and Uranus

When two planets come together that both orient toward the future it can signify blessed change. This conjunction, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, occurs April 20. For many sensitives its approach is already noted. We might feel electrical impulses charging through the central nervous system. We might experience mental receipt of intuitive messages pointing to our own future orientations. We might experience emotional watershed moments that make way for personal and collective shift. We might be released from long periods of 'on pause', or waiting for what-I-don't-know. If, like many of us, there has been a building frustration or angst towards a challenge without resolution, this conjunction may crack us open.

The planet of personal and collective expansion and milestones (Jupiter) merges with the planet of radical embodiment and maverick expression (Uranus), potentiating the likely opening to become who we are meant to become. There comes a time reflective of the magnanimous bigger-picture presence of Jupiter in union with the Uranian longing for freedom. Jupiter and Uranus become one. I see this as a powerful projectile for our deep longing. The guidance is to open to opportunities and then seize the day, particularly if you feel the higher dimensional expression of ecstasy coming alive within. Uranus moves quickly. Jupiter makes it impossible to not notice. The unpredictability factor of Uranus might be considered grace, even if it requires a cracking open of adherence to fixed ways (Taurus). There is a price extracted when sustaining those ways insists on the perpetuation of sameness. Now is not such a time to hold to sameness..................

Signs in the heavens arrive when the liberation of our individuation becomes known, both personally and collectively. Keeping curious, open and triumphant brings me hope.

So much love.

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Donna McMurtry
Donna McMurtry
Apr 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you Iris. This is helpful. Much Love

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