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A Totem Dream

Love brings the sea into boiling

and turns the mountain into a pebble.

Love creates infinite openings

in the dark sky and shudders

the earth with its magnitude.


We are met by archetypal dreams in their season. When a totem presents as the main focus, it is an event of magnitude. And in the realm of dreams our logic must step back for that magnitude to come alive.

The dream was simple. I am in a living room and notice that it is filled with red tail hawk feathers. They were huge, some looking to be about two feet tall. I began to gather them, exclaiming that a message is to come. Because I have difficulty remembering dreams, the Field made sure that this one would be discovered by coming across a post of a hawk sighting, that of a red tail (thank you, Nancy).

And I remembered: In July, 2022, twenty-two days of relentless hawk visitations on the porch railing of my home.. There was my beloved totem, communicating guidance, bridging the heavens with earth and preparing a way for that guidance to precipitate itself into the world. That message can be found here: In the ensuing days, life slowly began to form as a container for inner sacred marriage. That path continues to this day, with this morning's dream of feathers appearing to acknowledge the approach of a new arm of the spiral, a return to love as was once experienced. I hold fast to this sea change and the signs that point to its approach.

Restoring the matrices of ancient, unfallen light is of ineffable importance to earth, and her life.

So much love.

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Mar 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such beauty in this imagery and your words and in the way you know Love is speaking to and through you.

Iris Krstanovich
Iris Krstanovich
Mar 17
Replying to

Thank you for your words, which I feel deeply.

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