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The Return

This is an effort to acknowledge the return of the inner masculine. For many, he has been on a lengthy hero's journey. His return may feel triumphant, or bewildering, or yet incomplete. But his return to the receptive inner feminine seems so necessary to..........everything. How could we possibly locate ourselves at this juncture in space/time without becoming conscious of he who has been within us all along?

When we are able to explore beyond concepts, he is there. When we are able to express curiosity and compassion for this male presence, our inner worlds reveal what he has been and what he becomes. I still find it shocking to realize that the inner maleness of Iris has journeyed this life with me in a prolonged disconnected state. As the emergence process deepens, he too longs for connection, for sentience. As emergence reveals original paradise templates, there is finally, finally a place for the return of the male within us as well as the sacred male presence around us. And then, our children can see and become and feel Home. We offer our own children the access we seek to union by awakening by their sides.

The efforts to inner-see offer the treasure of liberation. To turn within is to find what we have sought all along, love's essence.

So much love.

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