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The Return

I live with the memory of being fully embodied. That memory is a thrum that communicates, 'don't forget'. I am aware that this is what is occurring for those of us longing for the return of our souls to human form. The memory offers certainty, withstanding doubt. I hold fast to this invisible 'thing', for in the act of beholding lies its becoming.

There appears to be a physical component which I find very challenging. Because the body is the sacred space for this emergence, what it undergoes now is nothing short of miraculous. The body IS the experiencer and thus communicates its process as its home is restored. It can be very bewildering and intense as the body graduates into a profound sentience. Bewildering in that we must awaken into a new reality with new language. Intense in that along the way, the body experiences points of expansion and release that we might learn to allow with compassion. Fear or mental hi-jacking may take place, which then requires time to manage (read validate, or comfort). I can't say I have grown used to any of this. And yet, the memory thrums.

I write to possibly support us with a language sensitive to our own soul murmurs, the language of the heart. This elusive left/right brain synthesis permits worlds to be born. Worlds we remember.

so much love.

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