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The Heart's Toroidal Field

What is the Indweller suggesting to me this morning? Enter the heart's magnetic field (go inside there and sit down). And I ponder the simplicity and significance of this guidance: immediate conscious connection to the Source-field. This toroidal field has been scientifically measured to span up to 5 miles, yet accessing this consciousness must restore must. I sense: communion with all of life, an awareness of now that antidotes the situations unfolding in front of us, situations that have no defining boundaries because we are returning to a more unbounded state. This return appears simultaneous to the dismantling of old structures. The inability to define what is occurring brings us oh so much closer to this cosmic heart, invoking mercy, compassion, light.....beating in us all, connecting us to each other. In this cosmic shared heart is a restoration of frequency that I trust we are remembering beyond time. I honor the return of these Source-codes to our beloved human forms.

So much love.

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