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Spiritual Individuation

Coming up for air, trying to remember the perfection of experience here, I both mutter and wonder: is it true that our experiences, orchestrated by Spirit, all lead to emergence? Perhaps the energy of autumnal equinox is helping me to see with the eyes of soul, just for these moments. I have told myself so many stories for so long, all in an effort to sometimes keep going and sometimes to remember. Dissolution of false narratives, no matter their origin, leads to a deepening, more truthful individuated state. And that state permits the soul to embody, dimensions to be seen and even indwelled. As the old narratives die off, our multi-dimensional selves are accessed should we long for that. And our awakening Selves long for that awakening in human form. Our awakening Selves are the driver.

If you should find your head down, and deep bewilderment has settled in, my own process continues to teach me how to navigate for myself and those called to connect with me. I Am here. My own longing is high pitched. That alone tells me we are in the birth canal and it may be (very) uncomfortable in there without a bit of assistance,

So much love.

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Oct 01, 2022

Soooo much love to you dear Iris xo

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