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Soul Choice

There is a unique feeling experienced when we align with what the soul desires for us at a crossroads. If we are blessed with moments of clear-seeing, feeling, knowing, or hearing the experience is memorable. We say to another, 'I just knew what to do.' Yet there are many other choice-points that must be navigated without that level of obvious clarity. We are born with a purpose embedded in our soul light and choices accelerate our remembering of that purpose. My sense is that each decision makes it possible for more of the soul to become conscious, or further retreat into sleep. There is free will here. It is mainly highly respected across the cosmos. I am not writing to have a discussion about free will or divine will. I simply want to cease struggling when entering upon decisions that don't have obvious directional markers based on old-Earth standards. Perhaps you might as well.

What are some of the signs of ancient soul callings, those that often accompany a sojourner lifetime after lifetime? Longing. Ecstasy. Archetypal dreams. Encounters that appear as if 'by chance'. Repeat messages offered up in a variety of signs, symbols, conversations. Frustration or despair when there is a need to wait, even if waiting translates as integrative rest or timing required for specific input from others. Often waiting is written in so that we can release a situation, belief or resistance that makes it impossible to move toward a destination/destiny that we can barely see.

Choosing in the time of uncertainty requires skills that we were born with but often need to be retrieved: listening, allowing, inner-permission to belong and matter and have a place, all expressions of the sacred feminine. She offers us ways to choose based on ancient paths: primal, oracular, dreaming. She returns at this time and thus restores access to our deep memories of soul purpose. As I round the bend now, I would like to offer this: while our minds insist on black and white markers, the feminine contributes feeling and connection.....natural backdrops for the Mystery to unfold its very special gifts through us as the soul awakens in form. Coming home to the Self, we make choices in alignment with Home. Stellar, ancestral, earth and inner-earth wisdom lights up to show us the way.

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