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Service as an Awakening Being

The offering of our awakening as service to sentient life acts as a north star. What I hear more than anything is how lost we feel, the defeat of that. Feeling lost is a natural response to reality undergoing a massive dismantling of its infrastructure. We as citizens of Old Earth have collectively offered our allegiance and loyalty to a reality that is in flux. For those of us incarnate to awaken and serve, this old reality dissolves as we remember an ancient spiritual directive. To serve as awakening beings at the end of an era, I don't believe it is possible to effectively serve both an outer master, and an inner Presence. I Am choosing a reality that permits the north star of service as an awakening being to shine as the Within, in service to life. I Am further aligning with the Within as the heralding light of connection to ancient wisdom states. We know these states as we access them, eternally.

So much love.

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