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Restoring Dignity

These last years I have been learning about human dignity through experiencing the contrast of its opposite. I have noticed that when it is time to become unglued from wobbly psychological infrastructures, the universe will find a way.....often via the most direct route, especially when we have exhausted all opportunities provided through sustained suffering. I Am insistent that we are moving into a new world where learning by contrast will not be required. I find my way to that new world, or rather I remember the matrices of that new world and this remembrance gains momentum. I say that because it is becoming possible to write about the restoration of paradise states, now. The language of the heart is returning.

So I learn about spiritual dignity, the upholding of Source light in human form. We used to call it 'holding our heads up'. There is too much at stake for our beloved earth and her life for us not to fully remember and live as sovereign beings. And so I leave us with this message, just received: Sovereignty is inherently dignified and a living frequency of eternity. May we remember that we once danced there, and that this dance again beckons. Recovering access to this state messages the Heavens that we matter to ourselves, each other, our earth and beyond.

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