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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Remembering is a word of power, alchemical in expression and alive. We remember and simultaneously release the hold of former realities that retained control of our lives. Asking to remember takes us to threshold states that bridge us with the sublime. Sometimes remembering can be shocking as we transmute untruths to journey within new light, refined and ever more loving. The mind can't yet fathom the territory but can experience relief in letting go, letting go. Remembering extends deeply into cavernous realms of what the Ancients retain for us. Here on earth we are lucky to have living memory teachers in stone and crystal and other life forms that retain bio-spiritual integrity. I Am in awe to offer to the field: many humans are moving toward alignment with all life forms that transmit integrity, truth, power. Remembering is a radical act of devotion to the sacred.

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