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This morning I contemplate the meaning of refuge, when the psyche itself undergoes deconstruction in response to Emergence. How do we shelter ourselves, when we ourselves are dismantling? Our beautiful minds alarm us to danger because they experience the loss of old structure, yet our new heart language remembers.......what exactly? That this transition to a new version of sacred human may never have been done en masse before? That the manual came with us but the information in it has its own timing and access codes? That the body is included because our human forms themselves transition?

My experience points to two places of refuge: to ground in any way that responds to the body/mind needs of the moment. And to gather with others where we can remember that we all belong and all have a place. Our choices are capable of meeting the complexities of birthing the new human with courage and grace. This is the way I talk to myself, and others who make their way to me as the awakening process accelerates. The need is for each other, but also for the Self. Some of these days and nights are very intense. I just wanted anyone who reads this to know that I Am aware of the intensities, and that I offer this language itself as a refuge. So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
17 Ιουν 2022

Knowing we're not alone and that you have a language for us is a comfort.

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