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Primal Remembering

The language of the heart, alchemical in its power, lives as memory. This memory is a container for the original human. My heart informs me that there is a life within reach that carries the paradise states of that memory. I say within reach because to many of us that world exists as fantasy or myth, not the living world that I believe is overlayed by false light. To others, that world is emerging now. I remember decades ago I began to find words to affirm this process within myself. All I could say back then was 'It feels as if Source is peering from my eyes.' It felt gentle then, and exciting. Then the ego was in full entrenched control and thought it was a romantic expression of being both hunted and wooed by the divine.

Ultimately the ego was found to be empty and wanting. I began to remember as a state of being when the ancient language began to present itself. I began to understand that language is alchemy. I began to understand that the precious human being is a temple of such incredible wonder that it may grow its awakening from within itself. And that inner awakening is the landscape of the divine. It is a perfect union in the making and what feels to be the seed light of the transfigured Self.

Thus, remembering is being in touch with our eternal natures and precipitating the light of paradise via that alive place. That place seems to have all the words I have always loved in there: oracular, allowing, restoring, returning. We are moving from archival memory of paradise to its restoration. There are enough of us incarnated and holding space for this emergence!!

So much love.

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