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On Loss

My oldest friend just left Earth. I wonder if she is watching from her night sky, even as I look up to the stars or dig my feet into the earth to experience the integration of loss. Saying goodbye to an oldest friend is complicated. Having not been here before, I see that there is a special place of longing that belongs to and colors the sorrow of losing her. I discover that she is intertwined with my understanding of life, of time and space and all that belongs here: decades-long memories that flood my psyche to help me continue on.

We had one last week on the phone together. Her gift to me in that week: presencing Eternity. I had forgotten how it feels to encounter and welcome that realm. It must be how it feels to be Home. Now a siren dance of the present, the past and the eternal occurs. I pray that this gift of eternity changes my perceptions here, on behalf of all life. Thank you Bluejay for all your days on earth, and for being my Serbian soulmate. Vechnaya Pamyat (memory eternal).

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