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Bridgewalking is akin to 'in good faith'. To bridgewalk is a journey of releasing a relationship, job, home, responsibility, perception.....or our very own life. Our participation in a former way of being and doing dismantles as we walk. Fog descends. Night falls. We lose our former construct called 'me'. The descent into embodied consciousness is unique to us. To navigate the night journey may require the companionship of aware beings who recognize the signs of pull-back into sleep. A return to sleep might be one of the night siren whispers. We can easily forget how we ended up on this bridge in the first place.

In any transition it is probable that we will feel whole stretches of 'lost'. Knowing informs me that we don't assign blame or judgement to anyone or anything, particularly at this juncture. Doing so drops us into a mental maze of defense and explanation. Confusion is the release of mental control over a former way of existence. I know it is hard to remember compassion at times like this, but the mind deserves that much as it makes way for awareness. It can be frightening for our human to have its mind die off to the only lives we have known. Its control over us has been irrefutable.

When a bridge presents, bless the ground you are about to step upon. Do your best to trust the Indweller's lighting of the way.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen

I love the doing our to trust ....

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