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Just to Be There

I have become enamored with Reflections on Life, short videos on You Tube that offer reflections of those who appear to have been cracked open, laid bare and now live as an embodying soul-self. I write today's post for those of us who quietly or not so quietly go about their day as world servers, cracking open again and again, being laid bare, again and again. We inwardly recognize what grounds, sustains and maintains our efforts here to persevere at this particular time. Those of us incarnate to awaken and be of service might find themselves attracting very clear and potent mirrors of support; the need to remember in the midst of change seems to require as much support as possible. I personally need to surround myself with reminders; out of that need the desire to support others is born.

Last night I came across this quote from Egbert van Bart: 'The answer is just to be there unconditionally, knowing that love is all there is.' My heart recognizes these words as Truth. Against all odds on this beautiful earth, to be in service to love is to be in service to all there is. To restore the matrix where this was once lived by the ancients restores access to experiencing life as sacred. Our own memories as the Ancients may be activated through contemplation of what calls us; what our own longing communicates to be true.

So much love.

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