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Locating One's Self in the Mist

As the process of ascension enters very steep terrain, navigation occurs mainly in the mist (read: fog). As our experience moves from ascension as concept into the visceral and physical depth work, how do we support ourselves when we appear to be swept away by the undertow of these molecular changes? I began this blog to retrieve language held in memory for this specific time, knowing we would find ourselves here. This is how I talk to myself: we are busy dying off as old earth humans, transitioning into the beginnings of the next root race, the sixth. While it is possible that many of us have memories of having done this before, this feels like a time of sheer discovery and grit. We are very busy.........making way for the Self, embodied. I often lose my sense of humor and find it very intense. It is said we came in prepared. While that may be true, the deeper the process moves into the body, the more dense the mutational processes. Miasms surface, joints hurt, lungs physically clear, hearts ache, exhaustion sets in to express how big this all is. And we are known throughout the cosmos for what might seem wildly improbable: a timeline in which we gave it our all.

With so much love, Iris

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Aug 24, 2022

Iris, you write so beautifully about that which many of us are experiencing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. I love your blog and you!


Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Aug 23, 2022

Iris, thank you once again for making sense of what I'm feeling and experiencing on a physical level. <3

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