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I ponder the price of returning to a lighter version of being human. I want to say that the price is everything but I haven't gotten there yet. Yet it sure seems that way, if experience points to where we might be going. The ocean picture was chosen because it is symbolic of the unconscious mind. I Am noticing that the process of returning to light appears to require the surfacing of what we can't see as well as what we can. It all starts with a yes to Spirit: yes I want to remember, yes I want to return, yes I want to be revealed and lived as a higher dimensional aspect of Source. The path narrows on the way as former collectively held definitions perish. It is time for that. The narrowing path concentrates spiritual power and new language forms: alchemical, living, fluid. Now, now. now.

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Sep 07, 2022

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
Sep 02, 2022

A yes to spirit and both fear and excitement about what comes next.

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