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Language of the Heart

Perhaps five years ago now I was in the midst of my own Beyond Quantum Healing session. A phrase emerged that over the years has distilled into a living presence: language of the heart. I realize that sounds dramatic. Yet I had entered a sacred mountain, in effect, a pilgrimage into and allegory of a calling to my very soul. I have since understood that guidance becomes living at certain junctures in our lives. I had become exhausted seeking and then translating what was given via the intellect. Somehow, Source presented at just the right moment to awaken a face of Love that was recognizable as a balm. We have all experienced an awareness of how this feels.

This language is living because it allows the right brain, entry. I believe this simple offering to the intuitive Self begins an alchemical process that is beyond words. Yet we use spoken, or written, or artistically rendered words to begin. After all we are human beings with the gift of communication, even if the most recent version of Humanity feels as if it has gone awry. Communication is what we know. Living communication enters from the ancient and future us, now. If this weren't so, in my truth I would not be incarnated. Poets have kept these living frequencies alive for us. The indigenous have lived these frequencies as a gift that permits us to dream into what-it-might-be-like to emerge as expressions of a left and right brain synthesis. I call this Paradise states.

What I speak of here is not new. What I suggest is that we may be entering a deeper reality where the language of the heart will free us as a new humanity.

so much love, Iris

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