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Interior Light

Living in the interior regions of our psyche is an uncharted wilderness. It can't be rationally explored or cultivated. It mirrors the remaining wilderness regions of earth. If we are lucky enough to land there, be prepared for fits of weeping, or bewilderment, or a remembered joy that lights up the things we spiritual contemplatives have been pondering in order to reveal, life after life.

When we have grown weary of living a life of doing based on everything we were told, we might begin to turn toward the interior regions. Access to these regions is a right of passage in itself. Because I remember that world as paradise, it is the most significant directive for me, here, to restore that life. It is possible because the body/mind begins to hum back to remembered templates when we find ourselves, there..........thus the weeping, thus the remembered joy. In my truth, true healing begins with these remembered states.

How do we access? This is not another thing to do, 'find paradise'! I see it as more of a revealed state, more so now because the interior regions are not as hidden; their frequencies more available as the old-world definitions dissolve. I believe this is where we find ourselves now. Slowing down seems key. We begin to crave listening deeply to another, or an inner child, or breathing with nature, or savoring any moments of life that we can. There are many ways to restore templates, but your way belongs to you.

This is the language of the heart. We don't need that many words, not really.

So much love.

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