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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

In a series of Beyond Quantum Healing sessions, the memory of the language of the heart made its presence known. Over the last several years that language has begun to emerge as a synthesis of left and right brain experience, alchemical in nature with the purpose of restoring lost wisdom matrices of advanced civilizations. These matrices seem to need a certain environment for their emergence into the collective. Wednesday gatherings began to evolve as a means of building and sustaining that environment, a heart torus, so that we could build a field to identify what has come to be known as Eden or paradise. My sense is that when someone is inner-guided to experience a Wednesday gathering, they have 1) incarnated with their memory base of paradise states and a longing to awaken, explore and express those states and 2) are timed to give their memories a place to flourish and build with those of others. In this, we come together to both individually awaken and develop a body of work on behalf of humanity. I am coming to see that work as the restoration of living qualities associated with Paradise. Our heart field remembers how it feels to live there.

Each Wednesday I find myself joyfully overwhelmed with what comes. If these words come alive in you, below is the link to learn more and/or register. You may also connect with me for further information, through my website or this blog.

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