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Emergence as Alchemy

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The phrase 'spiritual emergence' is most likely about 45 years old; we are just now entering a state of more mature recognition of its meaning. When I ponder the phrase, the linear (read conditioned) mind might comment, 'What is the big deal?" When I allow the phrase room to breathe, it is just about the most alive language available to describe the die-off of one identity to make way for light itself to ecstatically appear in human form. There continues to be no clear roadmap as to why or when or who. In that, emergence is truly bewildering.

Today I am led to share one of the means of emergence, one of the more challenging ways that the longing to awaken bursts through the calcified consciousness, old earth. I write so that if someone needs a different lens today, one that does not involve making themselves wrong or right because of deep process, this might offer inner loving kindness, patience, release.

When it is divinely timed to lighten frequency, the mental and emotional experiences can easily become very intense. We can find ourselves in extreme states that are so easily those around us, systems, and our own conditioned mental efforts to make sense of what is occurring. I doubt if anyone reading this has not been in a position of concern for another or concern for themselves. Sometimes we can see the light in another trying so hard to surface. Sometimes we ourselves remember that there is room being made for the soul to embody. This blog is for those who are either remembering that awakening is their calling, or are beginning to dawn to the probability that this is what is occurring and that there is a name for it. So we hold on, or fly by the seat of our pants. The universe sends us people, or writings, or dreams/intuitive insights from the quantum field.

Being a virtuoso of the art of extreme states has landed me in the place of seeking a heart language to share with others. Aren't you grateful that this is not an advice column? Even in my vocation as a spiritual intuitive I rarely offer things to 'do' to 'help'. Allowing extreme states the room to move through and out permits the reclaiming of lost light. It is an alchemical process. And powerful. Please stay tuned if this stream of consciousness pleases you. There is a lot to share, especially now.

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