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Dreaming on the Outskirts of Time

Jupiter, the planet of amplification, moves into conjunction with Neptune, the planet of unconditional love. The sign is Pisces. The exact date is April 12, 2022. Can you feel the beckoning of the ocean of Being? A call to immerse in deep connectivity that exists beneath the veil of the old Earth realms? This veil thins, now. Anything we are led to open to and experience at this time will change us forever. We approach the realms of the transcendent. What we open to there foreshadows what is possible. What we embody from there will offer light to our civilization.

What is your heart expressing to you from its depths? Can you make room for that in all its truth, make Home? I am in awe of Spirit's timing. When we seem to be able to do nothing but dismantle the old infrastructure of our existence, the planets say Now: insert your deep soul calling, Now. Remembering universal currents in human form, may we rejoice.

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