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Child Talk

Many years ago my beloved mentor, Sister Barb, and her friend, Sister Elana, changed the course of relating to myself by acknowledging the calls of a lost inner child. I had been sharing with Barb my physical symptoms and Barb, the practical one, kept urging me to call 911! As I write, I just know she is smiling broadly and encouraging me to share this. Sister Elana saw a child that needed to be seen, first and foremost, and then attended to. As we all know, our adult friends and family for the most part are not equipped or meant to nurture our inner children. The children will get our attention though, and if we open to that journey of recovery, the Field may point to the exact age of the one that can't live another day without us. Days later, a teddy bear arrived in the mail (pictured). I named her Blackberry because I lived on a rural road with blackberry canes everywhere. My younger inner children were ecstatic to come with me to forage anything wild. That was perhaps 20 years back.

For many of us there are concentrated, impactful times of loss and trauma. As I inner listen now, there are so many little and not so little ones calling, calling, calling . With the current planetary changes coming so quickly, they are much more apt to actively express their concerns: safety, visibility, connection. Their needs are simple, even though the trauma field imprints with such complexity. Awareness allows whatever comfort and safety measure is most needed: a loving glance, a word, physical grounding and touch, listening and validation. We really do know what to do, how to be and how to love: look to memories and feelings rising; look to the body communicating through signs of distress. We can ask ourSelves: what is needed? Take a moment with eyes closed and listen.

So much love.

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