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Calling on the Soul

Do you have a memory of being a soul, perhaps between lives, if you hold the possibility of that? What if you take it further; is there a register for being embodied with your Soul indwelling right now? Do you have a register for the soul's awareness that it lives as a creative expression of the I Am Presence?

I ponder the incredible complexity of being that soul in human form. I ponder the patience of that soul's waiting for us to call upon it, as if it were an unemployed angel first brought to us by the angel mystic, Lorna Bevan. My mentor taught me to call upon them. When I watched them come, I continued to call on behalf of all of life. And still the soul waited to be included.

I had not been taught to go within for my needs. I had to remember. All the human training had occurred in the experience of duality, so of course we were taught to go outside of our identities for help. For mercy. For guidance. Without that way of calling for help, a deeper despair would have stationed. I only wish to suggest to us a way in, in addition to seeking to the heavens. It might take some practice as neural pathways form to accommodate Eternity as an inside job. It still shocks me that we weren't raised with a knowledge of the Self. Perhaps we are meant to inner-see this pearl.

Awakening occurs in earnest now, dismantling our sensitive issues, our blind spots and defended areas of identity. Awareness asks some of us to include ourSelves in the pantheon of helpers we pray to and invoke. Who knows us better than our souls secured to Source? Who knows our unique divine plan, its crossroads, its thresholds? I believe that calling upon the soul bridges time-space to what the heart holds, waiting for us to ask.

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May 20, 2022

What joy for all when the Soul is remembered and invited to help us. Beautiful post Iris....


Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
May 19, 2022

Ahhh. Yes. Invited our Selves. So beautiful.

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